Death by Pasta

I’m not sure really how I’m writing this post today… Because I just died and went to heaven! I swear to God… The pasta that I just ate blew me away so much, that it just about killed me…

First Time

Well there has to be a first time for everything… a first time love… a first time getting drunk… a first pay check… first time sex… first rock concert… But I can tell you, I’ve been a chef for 28 years and tonight something very spontaneous just happened and this is the first time ever that I ate pasta like this! Honest!

A New Drug

If food is a drug for me then I Just got addicted to a new thing… I just can’t get off the chermoula… over the past few weeks I make chermoula, I eat chermoula, I dream of chermoula… before you know it I will be put into a rehabilitation clinic to go cold turkey and rectify my chermoula addiction…


For those of you who are not familiar with chermoula…. just drop by my site Chermoula Recipe and you will know exactly what I’m talking about…. Moroccan spices, preserved lemon combine to create my new flavour heaven.

What just happened?

OK, so as I say recently I’ve been dreaming of chermoula…  Well what do ya know, I dreamed of mixing it with spaghetti and seafood… I never tried this before, but it just seemed like the right thing to do…. So why should it be chermoula pasta? Perhaps because chemoula tastes amazing to me… and pasta is a neutral medium just ready and waiting to carry the fragrances and flavours…

Outside of the Box

Some Italians might ask me why in the world should I do such a thing with spaghetti… and many Moroccans could ask, Is this the best way to use chermoula… but I really don’t care because I just ate a bowl of it! and I just died and went to heaven…

The Recipe

So this evening I’m chilling out and doing some work at home, then suddenly I realise that I’m hungry, so I slide over to the kitchen and have a look in the fridge/freezer/cubbard… and what do I find? I realise that Ive got some frozen local Moroccan jumbo prawns in the freezer, some chermoula I made the other day and spaghetti in the cubbard… so finally my dream comes true, I thought for a while that chermoula pasta could be really cool and tonight was the night that it finally just blew me away!

For one person

3 Tbsp chermoula

1/3 pack spaghetti

6 jumbo prawns

1/2 roasted red bell peppers (chopped)

1 Tbsp garlic chopped

1 Tbsp tomato puree


Saute the prawns in all the stuff… boil the pasta…. mix it all together…. serve…

for more recipes… just drop by,


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