Try my new BBQ Sauce recipe… It’s sweet and smokey.




150g roasted red pepper (smoked 8 minutes with apple wood)

20g roasted garlic (smoked 8 minutes with apple wood)

300ml apple juice

30ml balsamic vinegar

60ml hoisin sauce

150g ketchup

200g tomato concasse

30ml dark soy sauce

150g onion chopped

30ml lee & perrin sauce

8ml lemon juice

10g sweet paprika powder

3 star anise

2 cloves

5g cinamon powder

6g sambal oelek chili sauce


-roast red pepper and garlic in oven till soft. peel and remove seeds.

-put in a jar, add smoke with a smoke gun, leave to smoke for 8 minutes, remove from jar chop finely and reserve.

-cook the chopped onion and tomato concise in olive oil for ten minutes. add remaining ingredients, but leave lemon till the end.

-simmer on low heat for 10 minutes

-add lemon juice at the end.

-place half the sauce in a liquidiser and make a fine purée. add this back to the sauce in the pan.

-leave to cool, goes very well with BBQ pork chops or chicken drum sticks.

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