Moroccan Cuisine

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Now That I’ve spent time living and working in Morocco I’ve really fallen in love with this cuisine. I have a great passion for the spices and unique flavours that can be discovered in the cuisine of Morocco. The food is unique and as far as I’m concerned it is for sure one on the best cuisines of the world. Furthermore I believe that in the huge world of gastronomy Moroccan cuisine is not nearly as famous as it should be.

Spices are used extensively in Moroccan food. Although spices have been imported to Morocco for thousands of years, many ingredients — like saffron from Tiliouine, mint and olives from Meknes, and oranges and lemons from Fez — are home-grown. Common spices include cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, ginger, pepper,paprika, anise seed, sesame seeds,coriander and saffron. Common herbs include mint, oregano and parsley.


Quarfa (cinnamon), kamoun (cumin), kharqoum (turmeric), skinjbir (Ginger), libzar (Pepper), tahmira/felfia/hemra (paprika), sesame seeds, quesbour (coriander), zaafran beldi (saffron), massia (mace), qronfel (cloves), basbas (fennel), nnafaa (anise), elgouza (nutmeg), zaater (oregano), felfla soudania (Cayenne Pepper), ourka sidna moussa(bay leaves/laurel)

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